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TreeSync Lightroom Plugin

*** Deprecated - use TreeSyncPublisher instead.

Export plugin for keeping local photo folders synchronized with source photo tree (with all Lightroom edits folded in).

This is good for having a tree of rendered jpegs available for screen-saver, uploading, serving to local photo clients (e.g. DLNA, TiVo, ...), putting on CD, ..., whatever...

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See the readme file after downloading for usage and other notes.


TreeSync FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

(no particular order)

These FAQs come partly from users, and partly from my imagination. Please let me know if there are errors or omissions in this FAQ - thanks.

NOTE: The following Q&A's assume that the plugin is working as I expect... If, after your best effort, still "no go", please let me know.

Question: Why are changed photos not being updated?

Answer: xmp file-date (or source file-date if no xmp) is used to determine change status. On my computer, sometimes lightroom only saves XMP upon demand, even with option checked in preferences to save "automatically".


  1. Make sure option is checked to save XMP automatically. - Hint: Edit -> Catalog Settings -> Metadata.
  2. Whenever Lightroom stops saving the XMP file automatically, Re-launch & Optimize the database (got this tip from a forum - dunno why this works, or for how long...). - Hint: Edit -> Catalog Settings -> General.


Reminder: Checking 'Render All Files - Regardless of Dates' will assure all selected files are updated. - Hint: TreeSync3 Export Dialog Box.

Question: The Export Button is disabled - Why?

Answer: The dialog box inputs are pre-checked before export, and if not copacetic, the export button will be disabled.

Resolution: Fix the offending inputs. Hint: Check 'Status of Inputs'.


Question: Why am I getting "Source photo path ... does not begin with source root path ..." dialog box?

Answer: You are trying to export a photo outside the source tree specified by the source root path.

Resolution: Assuming you really do want to export the offending photo, either change the source root path (new preset?) or relocate the photo.


Question: What's this 'Alternate Source Extension' business?

Answer: In order to sync a photo found in the target, TreeSync must find it in the source. The source photo may however have a different extension than the target photo. 'Alternate Source Extension' specifies which extensions the source photos may have. If source photo is not found with the one of the specified extensions, then it will be looked for with the same extension as the target - if still not found its an error or warning.

Format: Separate extensions with spaces - dot first is optional.

Question: Why would I want to 'Copy All Files - Regardless Of Dates' ?

Answer: TreeSync compares date/time of source to date/time of target to determine if selected files should be rendered. It does NOT check whether export parameters have been modified since last export (e.g. quality, image size, output sharpening, ...). So, if you want to make sure all targets are updated with new export parameters, check the box.

Question: 'Purge Extraneous Photos' scares me - is it safe? - why do it??

Answer: Try it first in test mode and look at the log file. If it looks like the files it would delete are indeed extraneous, then let 'er rip. Make a backup of target tree first if you still dont trust it. Purge files is necessary if folders are moved/renamed or source photos are deleted... - to avoid accumulating photos in target tree that are extraneous.

Question: What exactly does 'Remote Sync' do?

Answer: Makes a list of everything on the remote server, then compares it to the local target tree, new/out-of-date files are uploaded from local tree to remote tree. Everything in remote tree not found in local tree is deleted from remote tree. Hint: use test-mode first to make sure its gonna do the right thing, then do it! Note: remote server clock is pre-calibrated by creating a temp file and uploading it and comparing its timestamp to the local file - this should compensate for any differences in local/remote clocks, however if one clock jumps and the other doesn't, e.g. due to daylight savings adjustment or whatever, some files may not be updated that should, or vice versa.

Question: Does it matter which photos are selected when I do the export?

Answer: Only selected photos are exported to target tree, however the purge step and remote sync are not dependent on which photos are selected.

Question: What if I've tried everything and it still isnt working for me?

Answer: Download the latest version, then try some more, then if you're still having problems, visit the support section of my website, and submit a problem report or contact me.

TreeSync Revision History

(reverse chronological order)


Version 3.11.1, released 2011-07-10

- Fixed bug in managed export interface - was reporting error to export manager when there was none. Should be equivalent to 3.11.0 for non-managed exports (not invoked via export manager).


Version 3.11.0, released 2011-07-08

- Implemented managed export interface for use in conjunction with Export Manager.


Version 3.10.6, released 2011-05-24

- Fixed post-rename-folder function (plugin manager button handler).


Version 3.10.5, released 2011-05-23

- Fixed a bug having to do with error handling that affects the whole shebang.
- Fixed a couple bugs in purge feature.

Version 3.10.4, released 2011-02-23 (3.10.3 was never released, I dont think)

- Fixed bug that led to a "rc-utils.test-mode should have been initialized" error sometimes.


Version 3.10.2, released 2010-09-25

- Fixed bugs having to do with purging and non-JPEG formats. Legacy mode and 'Alternate Source Extensions' are now required for all non-JPEG formats.


Version 3.10.1 (second release - dont ask), released 2010-09-12

- Fixed a bug whose symptoms only occurred in Lr2.


Version 3.10.1, released 2010-06-26

- Fixed a bug whose symptoms surfaced when multiple tree-sync exports were initiated simultaneously, e.g. via ExportManager.

Version 3.10.0, released 2010-06-23

- Added 'Legacy Mode' checkbox. - Leave unchecked if its working as is. If you have consumer devices that are having trouble displaying the exported jpegs, try checking it (and don't forget to fill out 'Alternate Source Extensions' before doing a 'Purge').


Version 3.9.1, released 2010-06-15

- Fixed bug in the support for "non-photo" files that are just to be copied, e.g. video/audio.

*** Read the readme file before using the new 'Non Photo Extensions' field.
*** Read the readme file before using the new 'Non Photo Extensions' field.
*** Read the readme file before using the new 'Non Photo Extensions' field.


Version 3.9.0, released 2010-06-12

- Enhanced to support video files.

*** Read the readme file before using the new 'Non Photo Extensions' field.
*** Read the readme file before using the new 'Non Photo Extensions' field.
*** Read the readme file before using the new 'Non Photo Extensions' field.

Version 3.8.3, released 2010-05-05

- Fixed a bug induced by the last release.


Version 3.8.2, released 2010-05-05

- Honorary change to suppress "already up to date" log message in non-verbose mode.


Version 3.8.1, released 2010-03-28

- One Bug Fix whose symptom was "logMessageLine not defined".


Version 3.8.0, released 2010-03-26

- One Enhancement: Added a button to 'Update Catalog Ids'. This function solves the problem created when exporting using a temporary catalog e.g. Lr3-beta. Its necessary for purge function if you rely on catalog id in target photos instead of alternate source extensions during the purge phase.


Version 3.7.0, released 2010-03-23

- One Enhancement: Added a button to 'Browse' for destination folder.


Version 3.6.1, released 2010-03-22

- Fixed one bug: purge failed when source photo deleted if alternate extensions was blank.


Version 3.6.0, released 2010-03-19

- Fixed a few bugs, most notable in the area of purging.
- Re-arranged the export dialog box and added source path selection widget.


Version 3.5.2, released 2010-03-09

Fixed a few bugs, and changed logging to use lightroom loggers instead of proprietary.


Version 3.4.3, released 2010-01-26

Updated to support Lr3-beta.


Version 3.4.2, released 2009-12-16

One Bug Fixed:

One Package Change:


Version 3.4.1, released 2009-11-23

One Enhancement:

One Potential Bug Fixed (either that or I've just induced one ;-}


Version 3.3.2, released 2009-10-08

One Bug Fixed:


Version 3.3.1, released 2009-09-25



Version 3.1.1, released 2009-07-24



Version 3.1.0, released 2009-07-24


Bug Fixes:


Version 3.0.4, released 2009-07-08

Bug Fixes:


Version 3.0.3, released 2009-04-09

Bug Fixes:


Version 3.0.2, released 2009-03-06

Bug Fix:


Version 3.0.1, released 2009-03-06

Bug Fix:


Version 3.0.0, released 2009-03-0X

New Major Version Enhancements:


Version 2.1.1, released 2009-02-02

Changes since last release include:


Version 1.0A, released 2008-07-21

Initial Release, featuring:



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*** Reminder: This plugin is now obsolete. It still works, but will no longer be maintained. Please use TreeSyncPublisher instead.

TreeSync3 (legacy plugin)


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