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Photooey FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

(In no particular order)

Question: Why doesn't my website seem to be up-to-date?

Answer: Visit the PhotooeyPublisher plugin page for clues.

Question: How do I get my videos up on my website?

Answer: 1. - Create a file named {whatever}.flv using a flash video encoder. 2. - Create a video thumbnail, or rename the video thumbnail that was created by your camera to {whatever}.THM.jpg. Select the thumbnail when exporting and it and its associated video file will be lasso'd... The thumbnail and video file should be in the same source folder.

Question: What are the best tools to use to create flash video.

Answer: Adobe's flash video encoder is top notch, I recommend using On2-VP6 codec. ffmpeg is a command line tool that I've heard will also do a fine job. Search the web for alternatives...

Question: How do I get audio to go with my photos?

Answer: 1. - Create a file named {whatever}.mp3 to go with a {whatever}.jpg photo (in the same source folder), using an mp3 audio encoder. 2. - Make sure you've specified an audio subdir in the site config file. When the photo file is exported, the audio file will be herded up along with it... vanilla flavored mp3 (constant bitrate) will offer the greatest probability for success. lame has a great command line encoder, and most players can create mp3 now - search the net... 18,24,32 kbps for bandwidth-conscious quality, 48-64kbps for medium quality, 96 or 128 kbps for high quality. 160 or 192 kbps for extra-high quality. Any higher bitrate is a waste.

Question: What do I do if I can't get the !@#$%^&* thing to work no matter how hard I try?!, and yes I've read the documentation for the plugins, as well as the documentation for WebPhotoBrowser.

Answer: If you're at the end of your rope and have tried everything you can think of and you're still having troubles, then contact me, and if you're nice, I may help you personally.

Question: That's got to be a bug!

Answer: Assuming you can re-create it, please report all bugs directly to me, via my website, using the problem report form. Or, click the "Problem Report" button in Lightroom plugin manager.

Question: I can think of a way to make this even better, should I bring it up?

Answer: Yes, by all means, contact me with feedback and suggestions via my website contact form.

Question: I want to have some nice looking text to introduce a photo folder to my website visitors, how far can I go?

Answer: Photooey supports HTML folder text to the same extent that Flash does. Meaning that you can create styled text using CSS, but no javascript, and not all HTML tags are supported. See Adobe Flash documentation for details. One thing you can do is create image files and put them in a resource subdir. HTML text goes in _folder.html file in the source folder. Make sure you export the images in your resource subdir - they will not be rendered like a normal photo, but they will be copied to the target web-bound directories and uploaded to your website. The contents of _folder.html files is folded right into the web-photo-config.xml file.

Question: Can I have text accompany my photos?

Answer: Yes - photo info text comes from photo meta-data (title, caption, headline, ...) which may be plain text or markdown (see http://daringfireball.net/projects/markdown), photo-details also comes from photo meta-data (camera model, capture time, ...) - both are configurable: see site configuration file.


*** Reminder: If using the legacy plugin(s), you may need to have 'Reload plug-in on each export' checked in Lightroom's plugin manager.

Photooey Revision History

@Version 3.3.3 and earlier, covers WebPhotoBrowser (the web interface) and Lightroom configuration plugins, in reverse chronological order.

Later versions cover WebPhotoBrowser only, since the new plugin is now handled separately.


Version 3.3.3, released 2011-10-14

- Fixed bug in WebPhotos (new version is 2.1.2) plugin that caused error when doing remote purge.

Version 3.3.2, released 2011-08-20

- Fixed bug in windows server dir-list parsing, to support FTP recovery function.
- Since this never made it out to the server, it goes as 3.3.2 enhancement: Updated Lightroom WebPhotos Plugin to v2.1 - supports managed export in Export Manager.

Version 3.3.1, released 2011-07-08

- Updated Lightroom WebPhotos Plugin to v2.1 - supports managed export in Export Manager.
Oops - never put this one out on the server - sorry.


Version 3.2.3, released 2011-05-23

- Updated Lightroom WebPhotos Plugin to v2.0.6
  - Fixed post-rename-folder function.


Version 3.2.2, released 2011-02-07

- Fixed bug in Lightroom WebPhotos Plugin that caused error when deleting file via plugin manager and no high-rez dir was configured.


Version 3.2.1, released 2011-01-22.


Version 3.2.0, released 2010-03-26.

Many enhancements and bug fixes, mostly undocumented.


Version 3.1.0, released 2009-07-27.

Product name changed from WebPhotoPack to Photooey


Version 3.0.1, released 2009-04-09.

Product Changes:

WebPhotoBrowser version changed from 2.3 to 2.4


Version 3.0.0, released 2009-03-01.

Product Changes:


Version 2.0.0, released 2008-10-01.

Adapted from WebPhotoBrowser/WebPhotoPack, with some things not included in the little nutshell (above):


Version 1.5A, released 12-15-2005.

WebPhotoSetup enhancements:


Version 1.4A, released 11-15-2005.

package changes:


bug fix:


Version 1.3A, released 10-31-2005.


other changes:


Version 1.2F, never formally released.


bug fix:


Version 1.2E, released 9-8-2005..


bug fix:

other changes:


Version 1.2D, released 5-19-2005.



Version 1.2C, released 5-18-2005.



Version 1.2B, released 5-5-2005.

bug fix:


Version 1.2A, released 4-29-2005.



Version 1.1A, released 2-28-2005.


bug fixes:


Version 1.0A, released 12-11-2004.

WebPhotoBrowser Initial Release (user edition & developer edition), featuring:


Terms & Conditions for using Photooey

It is my intention to provide this software for personal use free of charge, provided
the following terms & conditions are met:

Thank you, and I hope you enjoy using it.
Rob Cole, robcole.com

Download (see Terms & Conditions above)

*** Reminder: Please use the new plugin for Lr3 or Lr4. (plugins packaged with photooey are for Lr2 only, and may require "Reload plug-in each export" to be set in plugin manager / plugin author tools).

Photooey (Complete) 3.3.3 (latest - try this first)

Photooey (Complete) 3.3.2 (fall-back to this if latest not working)



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