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RC Importer Lightroom Plugin

(consider OttoImporter instead)

Streamlined copy/importing - bypasses the import dialog box.

Note: You can also use Lightroom for some stuff and RC Importer just for stuff not supported by Lightroom native, e.g. AVCHD video, new cameras, support files (like NDF).

Example ExifTool parameters for some cameras (when they weren't yet supported):

- Sony A580: -SonyModelID=281 -n

Support for importing CR2 files from Canon G12 and S95 is now deprecated, since Lr3.3.RC-1 supports both cameras.



(Hint: Invoke using 'File Menu -> Plug-in Extras')


System Requirements


Quick Links (intra-page)

Background Information
How to Use 'RC Importer'
RC Importer FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)
Revision History

See the readme file after downloading for installation procedure and other notes.



Plugin Manager Configuration

*** Screenshot is presently missing a few things, like:
- 'Secondary File Name Text'
- 'Convert to DNG'
- 'Edit Config File'



The impetus for creating 'RC Importer':

And anyway, the import dialog box was nothing more than a place to select a preset for me, since I prefer to import everything from a card and then cull in the Library module.


How To Use 'RC Importer' (Mostly Plugin Manager configuration)

See the readme file after downloading for installation instructions.

After installing, use the plugin manager to configure - click 'Quick Tips' for configuration procedure.

RC Importer supports a test mode now whereby you can do a "mock" import to see what would happen as configured. Starting in test mode and learning from the dialog boxes and the log file is probably the best way to get up to speed.

The FAQ below addresses many of the things that need to be elaborated.

*** Important Mac Notes:



RC Importer FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

(no particular order)

These FAQs come partly from users, and partly from my imagination. Please let me know if there are errors or omissions in this FAQ - thanks.

NOTE: The following Q&A's assume that the plugin is working as I expect... If, after your best effort, still "no go", please let me know.

Question: Why would I ever need or want such a thing as 'RC Importer'?

Answer: If you are happy with Lightroom's import dialog box and all your cameras are supported, and you don't shoot AVCHD video, and you don't need any other files from your card (e.g. NDF)..., then you probably don't need it and wouldn't want it. Otherwise, it could be just what the Doctor ordered...

Question: Whats the slowest way to invoke the functions of 'RC Importer'?

Answer: Lightroom's File Menu -> Plugin Extras -> RC Importer ...

Question: Whats the quickest way to invoke the functions of 'RC Importer'?

Answer: On Windows: Alt-F-S-I

On Mac, use the OS/Automater to configure keystrokes, or something like QuickKeys.

Question: How exactly does 'RC Importer' support Canon's G12, S95, and other models not yet supported by Lightroom?

Answer: Built in is the ability to alter exif metadata before attempting to add a photo to your catalog. In the case of G12/S95, if you enter a model number that has 'Canon' or 'PowerShot' and 'G12' or 'S95' in it, then the correct exiftool parameters will magically appear. For all others, you're on your own. But please let me know if you work out the correct exiftool parameters for any other models, OK? Please?? - So I can pass it along...

Question: I just upgraded 'RC Importer' and now my import models are missing from the file menu?

Answer: Sorry 'bout that. You have to click the 'Add Models To File Menu' button in plugin manager after upgrading. And if you are on Mac, you'll probably have to restart Lightroom too; on Windows, just reloading plugin will be sufficient.

Question: Why would I want to delete backups?

Answer: Importer bypasses the import dialog box and just imports everything on the card (and backs them up). If there is a bunch of cruddy photos imported, deleting backups before deleting the actual photos is a way to save backup space. Deleted backups are moved to trash if possible.

Question: Now that Lr3.3.RC-1 is out, should I convert all my G12-G11 emulations?

Answer: Personally - I did a few, but then left the rest. There are some minor differences in tone / color rendering, but I was not able to improve on the G11 emulations using Lr3.3.RC-1 G12 support. If you do want to convert your G11 emulations to G12:

IMO there are two potentially good reasons to convert:

  1. Consistency (so past files are same as future ones) - ya never know why this might be good.
  2. The other camera profiles (non Adobe-Standard) work better with true G12 support instead of G12 as G11. So, if you may want to change camera profiles, then consider converting.
  3. You want the full width (G11 emulations had a black bar on the left that had to be cropped, and were missing a strip on the right which will be included if converted).

Question: Convert to DNG, really? How come it doesn't work???

Answer: Yep. It should work IF you remember to download the Adobe DNG Converter and install it yourself, AND you put the correct path in the config file, if the default is not correct. Haven't tried this on Mac yet. ###1

PS - When Convert to DNG is enabled, it is the original raw that gets backed up, not the converted DNG - but it will have the converted filename instead of original source name. Let me know if this behavior is not optimal for you.

Question: How is AVCHD video support accomplished?

Answer: mts files are transferred from card and re-wrapped in an mp4 container before importing. mp4 format is supported natively by Lightroom. avchd folder "baggage" is left behind, but its the (renamed) MTS file that gets backed up (not the mp4 file).

Question: Which mts translater to use to support AVCHD video import?

Answer: mts translaters are now included for both platforms - Windows uses ffmbc and Mac uses ffmpeg. But you can download and/or configure RC Importer to use a preferred executable if desired.

ffmbc (Windows only) when you get there, I recommend clicking the 'Download (direct link)' link - win32 is fine for 32 *and* 64 bit windows versions.

ffmpeg (Mac) - working binaries are hard to come by - I had to compile my own. Sources can be obtained from www.ffmpeg.org. (You can borrow a binary executable from ffmpegX, but the one I tried did not work on my test files - YMMV, and also you may need a new gnutar).

Question: How to import AVCHD video?

Answer: No longer requires setup, necessarily, but I recommend taking a look in the config file if you are having troubles.

Question: Are there audio problems using this AVCHD importing strategm?

Answer: So far, using default configuration, audio sounds perfect and is perfectly sync'd with video.

Question: Why do I get "catalog contention..." errors? And what can I do about it?

Answer: Possibilities:

  1. You have "Reload each export" checked in plugin manager, and initiated another import before the previous had finished. Suggested action: uncheck that box.
  2. Another plugin is hogging the catalog. Suggested action: try disabling other plugins.
  3. There is a bug in RcImporter or Lightroom or another plugin. Suggested action: report problem.

Also, try restarting Lightroom and/or your computer if you have strange problems like this.

Question: What are the limitations of 'RC Importer' and what are your plans for the future?


RC Importer Revision History

(reverse chronological order)

Version 3.10.1, released 2011-11-01

- Fixed duplicate check for AVCHD/MTS-file imports.


Version 3.10.0, released 2011-10-07

- Added option to config file (for Windows users) to eject card after importing.


Version 3.9.3, released 2011-10-05

- Test mode fixes and improvements, especially AVCHD video import was causing error when test mode was enabled.


Version, released 2011-10-04

- Added a note to the readme file to stipulate an installation requirement. The plugin is otherwise the same as previous release, although it does included newer versions of rc-common-modules, so its possible a bug was induced (or fixed) because of that difference.


Version 3.9.2, released 2011-08-27

- Fixed bug: symptoms were "RcString error boolean not string..." when setting promptForFolderNameText to true in model-specific configuration.


Version 3.9.1, released 2011-07-17

- Undocumented release, I have no idea now...

Version 3.8.1 released 2011-07-07

- Fixed bug: exiftool was getting invoked sometimes upon import even when it wasn't doing anything useful (was being invoked with no parameters).


Version 3.8 released 2011-07-06

- Added AVCHD support for Mac users (Windows version should be equivalent to previous release).


Version 3.7 released 2011-07-02

- Added button to plugin manager to open config file for editing.
- Added support for AVCHD video import.
- Fixed bug when import dir/root has lots of entries - it used to make Lr unresponsive for too long.


Version 3.6 released 2011-06-29

- Made configuration for hi-rez time independent of configuration to use exiftool for fetching date-time, because some cameras don't support hi-rez time.


Version 3.5 released 2011-06-25

- Added 2nd custom text field for filenaming.
- Added option for hi-rez original date/time-stamp (capture time) to include milliseconds. Note: this option uses exiftool to extract date-time from exif, instead of using file date-time.
- Added option in config file for RC Standard filenaming (must be uncommented) - features alphabetic ordering that is the same as capture time order.


Version 3.4 released 2011-01-29

- Added 'Delete Backups' function to File Menu - to delete backups corresponding to selected photos from backup directory.


Version 3.3.1 released 2011-01-03

- Last release had a critical bug in Info.lua. Thanks be to Alex for pointing that out.


Version 3.3.0 released 2010-10-23

- Added support for quote characters in drive field - solves case on Mac when drive spec has spaces in it.


Version 3.2.1 released 2010-10-17

- Added 'Converting to DNG...' to progress indicator.


Version 3.2.0 released 2010-10-17

- Added 'Convert to DNG' option
- Fixed statistics "wording".


Version 3.1.2 released 2010-10-16

- Minor usability enhancements, especially for Mac users.


Version 3.1.1 released 2010-10-16

- Fixed critical bug - previous version only worked when substring-subfolder was specified.


Version 3.1.0 released 2010-10-16

- Added import statistics to log file.

- Added 'Add Models to File Menu' button instead of prompting after model saved.


Version 3.0.0 released 2010-10-16

- Biggest change is plugin manager configuration instead of via lua text file. This makes it more accessible to users with less technial prowess.

- It has also been restructured to better facilitate customization by advanced users with some programming skill.

- There are also a number of functional enhancements and some general robustification.


Versions 1-2, released as Miscellaneous Lightroom Plugin - dates not tracked.




Please (IDENTIFY THE PLUGIN) let me know what you think about RC Importer, and please (IDENTIFY THE PLUGIN) report bugs any and all bugs you encounter.



acceptance of Download Terms & Conditions will be required

*** Don't forget to click 'Add Models to File Menu' in the plugin manager after upgrading plugin.

(consider OttoImporter instead)

RC Importer - 3.10.1 - latest release - this is the one to download.

RC Importer - 3.10.0 - just in case there is a problem with the latest release, in which case please tell me.


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